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Members can find answers below to some of the questions we're most frequently asked about the Cellar at the Club.

What are the cellar storage charges?

For each 9l case, the equivalent to 12 75cl bottles, 6 magnums, or 24 half bottles, the cost to store is £30 per annum. This also applies if the case is not full.

What are the corkage fees at the Club?

Corkage is as follows:

£30 per 75cl bottle.

£60 per Magnum

£120 per Double Magnum

£15 for formats smaller than 75cl.

Corkage is capped at £500 per visit with the exception of private rooms.

Storage will be charged to your account on a pro rata basis depending how many wines are left in the account at the end of each month.

What is the landing fee per bottle?

The landing fee is £1 per bottle.

Do you have a cellar drop off form?

Yes, it can be found by clicking here.

What is the delivery address for wines?

67 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ES

When can I drop bottles off?

We accept deliveries between 9am and 7pm.

Can I drop my bottles off at reception?

Yes, though it is most helpful if this does not occur during peak service hours.

How should I mark the boxes if being delivered from a merchant or myself?

Please mark the box with your name and membership number, or request the merchant to include on the delivery note.

Can I drop off bottles for a meal on a specific date?

Yes, kindly make the cellar team aware of the booking date, time, and location. We will arrange this for you.

How much wine can I store?

Storage is unlimited for Members. For any delivery over 48 bottles, kindly e-mail the cellar team in advance.

How do I request my bottles?

Please use your Cellar Area to request your bottles. Our Cellar Guide can be found here.

How can I see what is stored?

You can view this by logging into your My Cellar account.

How long does it take for wines which have been dropped off to be visible in My Cellar?

Wines will be visible around 48 hours from drop off.

Do I receive a notification when my wines have been received?

You will not receive a notification, however they will become visible in your Cellar once processed.

Contact us here for all further enquiries.

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