Wellness at 67: Sunrise Flow Yoga

Starts Wednesday 7th June 2023

Discover the path to inner harmony and well-being in our upcoming Wellness at 67 series. 

Join us for transformative Sunrise Flow yoga classes headed by experts from the Hush Retreats. This 60-minute class is open to Members of all fitness levels, simply come in your most comfortable yoga attire and leave the rest to us…

For weekday sessions, a healthy on-the-go breakfast will be available to pick up after class. You may also prefer to savour it in our Clubroom.

For weekend sessions, Members may enjoy one glass of Champagne in the Club after class, allowing you to extend the tranquillity of your practice into brunch.

For each 60-minute session, we will provide:

Yoga mats and blocks
Mini amenities kit
Hand towels, including a refreshing cold towel at the end of class
A shot of De-liver-ance plant-extract elixir at the end of class

Sip & Socialise

Starts Wednesday 7th June 2023

Introducing Sip & Socialise, an exquisitely 67 social evening of connection, laughter, and the magic of wine. 

Starting every Wednesday from 7th June, Members can come together to engage in delightful discussions and friendly competition through the 67 Sip & Socialise card game. This unique deck blends wine trivia and captivating ice-breakers, setting the stage for meaningful encounters.

Our sommeliers will keep the wine flowing, with sparkling, red and white choices throughout the session, alongside delectable canapés to nibble while you mingle. 

Presenting Margaret River’s best Cabernets of 2018 with Paul McArdle

Saturday 27th May 2023

The pinnacle of wine tasting is where immaculate winemaking meets a textbook vintage, and this can be said of the 2018 Cabernets from Margaret River’s most outstanding producers. Paul McArdle, seasoned wine consultant, educator, and ambassador for Margaret River Wine and Wine Australia, will showcase some of the region’s most promising Cabernets from the 2018 vintage. These wines are made to be delicious from day one, and show even greater promise in the years to come. 

The wines we will taste:

2018 Deep Woods Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
2018 Howard Park Abercrombie Cabernet Sauvignon   
2018 Vasse Felix Tom Cullity Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec
2018 Cape Mentelle Cabernet Sauvignon
2018 Xanadu Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
2018 Voyager Estate MJW Cabernet Sauvignon  

Pioneering Margaret River: Vertical with winemaker Vanya Cullen

Thursday 8th June 2023

Cullen Wines, one of Margaret River’s original wineries, stands out as the region’s first biodynamic producer. The iconic Diana Madeline, a red Cabernet blend, has gained a cult following worldwide owing to Chief Winemaker Vanya Cullen’s tireless pursuit of quality. Her resulting wines showcase the fruit’s maximum flavour and the terroir’s integrity, with old granite and gravely sandy loam soils lending their distinctive character. Members can join this engaging tasting experience with Vanya as she delves into the intricacies of each vintage.

The wines we will taste:

2001 Cullen Diana Madeline 
2011 Cullen Diana Madeline  
2013 Cullen Diana Madeline
2014 Cullen Diana Madeline
2015 Cullen Diana Madeline
2016 Cullen Diana Madeline
2018 Cullen Diana Madeline
2021 Cullen Diana Madeline 

The Secrets of Portuguese grape varieties with Yi Ying Yong

Saturday 10th June 2023

Port and Vinho Verde may sound familiar, but have you ever heard of Castelão, Ramisco or Touriga Nacional? These are just some of the expressive 250-odd grape varieties, or castasnative to Portugal — the hallmark of the country’s winemaking culture.  

The focus on indigenous grape cultivation explains the absence of popular international grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon in most Portuguese wines. With so much to be tasted and explored, our Sommelier Yi Ying Yong will demystify key characteristics of these famed grapes and blends as Members dive into truly standout examples of vinho

The wines we will taste:

2017 Anselmo Mendes Parcela Única Escolha, Alvarinho
2011 Adega Viuva Gomes Tinto, Colares
2007 Redoma Tinto Niepoort
NV Tawny Port 10yrs old Quinta da Gaivosa

Exclusive Beaucastel Vertical: Hommage à Jacques Perrin

Wednesday 14th June 2023

Château de Beaucastel is an icon of Southern Rhône – nestled among rolling hills with ancient vines on primordial soils. Francois Perrin, fifth-generation winemaker of the Château, will personally showcase a vertical of Beaucastel’s most celebrated cuvée – Hommage à Jacques Perrin. Since 1989, this cuvée has stood as a heartfelt tribute from Francois and his brother to their late father, Jacques Perrin.

Regarded as a visionary of his era, Jacques Perrin elevated the ancestral grape variety of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Mourvèdre, to a revered status within his wines. Having scored the coveted 100 marks by Robert Parker multiple times, this legendary red is produced in very limited quantities and only in the best vintages. This masterclass represents the pinnacle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and is one that should not be missed. 

The wines we will taste:

2016 Hommage à Jacques Perrin, Château Beaucastel
2015 Hommage à Jacques Perrin, Château Beaucastel
2014 Hommage à Jacques Perrin, Château Beaucastel
2013 Hommage à Jacques Perrin, Château Beaucastel
2001 Hommage à Jacques Perrin, Château Beaucastel
1998 Hommage à Jacques Perrin, Château Beaucastel

Deconstructing Californian Petite Sirah with winemaker Aaron Jackson

Friday 16th June 2023

Petite Sirah is a grape variety with a fascinating history in California. It was wildly popular in the 1960s, almost disappeared in the 1990s, and is now experiencing a revival.

Aaron Jackson stands at the forefront of a new generation of winemakers, dedicated to crafting bottles that live up to the variety’s reputation for powerful, structured wines with immense ageing potential. His cuvées from Paso Robles reflect the rugged terrain in which the grape thrives. Members can also savour Aaron’s aromatic whites from the San Luis Obispo Coast, one of California’s newest and most coastal wine regions. From tasting the complexity and depth of Petite Sirahs to ethereal and nuanced coastal whites, this is a rare opportunity to discover the vision of a trailblazing winemaker.

The wines we will taste:

2021 Aequorea Pinot Gris, Spanish Springs Vineyard, San Luis Obispo Coast
2021 Viognier, Spanish Springs Vineyard, San Luis Obispo Coast
2020 Trespasser, Paso Robles
2015 Trespasser, Paso Robles
2020 Aaron Petite Sirah, Paso Robles
2017 Aaron Petite Sirah, Paso Robles
2020 Aaron Mauka, Paso Robles
2014 Aaron Citizen, Paso Robles

Rediscovering Central Europe with Bonnie Yap

Saturday 17th June 2023

Central Europe boasts a historic winemaking legacy, yet its finest wines often remain a well-kept secret. In this masterclass by Assistant Head Sommelier Bonnie Yap, prepare to be charmed by Central Europe’s distinctive and captivating qualities that distinguish it from other wines around the globe.

Uncover the enchanting influence of historical clay amphorae during the fermentation and ageing process which results in wines that showcase a harmonious integration of fruit, minerality, and delicate textural nuances from the amphorae. Members can look forward to remarkable vintages from Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, and Moldova

The wines we will taste:

2020 Juliet Victor, Sparkling, Furmint, Brut Nature
2017 Furmint, Château Chizay  
2020 Chardonnay, Ried Herawingert, Fürsten Von Liechtenstein
2020 Teran Piquentum
2020 Rara Neagra de Purcari, Château Purcari

WSET Level 2 Award in Wines

Starts Tuesday 20th June 2023

WSET courses are widely acknowledged as the global standard in wine education. This course will take you through the wide world of wine, covering everything from vine-growing and winemaking, taking in all the major wine styles of the world. The course will be tutored by our resident Master of Wine Richard Hemming; Cellarmaster and WSET Diploma holder Matt Ayre; and Sean Ou from The Beverage Clique. Throughout the course, we will taste at least 50 classic examples from our extensive list. For full details on the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines, please click here.

This course consists of four sessions of four hours each, plus an examination of one hour. Please note that an additional 11 hours of private study is recommended to pass. The fee covers all wines, course materials, classroom time, examination and certification.

The schedule as follows:

Session 1: Tuesday 20th June, 18:30 – 22:30
Session 2: Tuesday 27th June, 18:30 – 22:30
Session 3: Tuesday 4th July, 18:30 – 22:30
Session 4: Tuesday 11th July, 18:30 – 22:30
Session 5: Tuesday 18th July (Examination), 18:30-20:30

An Oasis in the Desert: Puchang Vineyard

Wednesday 28th June 2023

From the heart of Xinjiang and crucible of the Gobi desert comes Puchang Vineyard, a winery that has been gaining global acclaim since being named China Winery of the Year in 2017. Puchang’s proximity to the desert confers it with soil that is rich in minerals, producing rich and concentrated fruit. Coincidentally, it also shares the same latitude as some of Bordeaux’s most famous Châteaus.

The region’s extreme climatic conditions shape Puchang’s grape selection, allowing only specific varieties to thrive and flourish. Clara Wang, the vineyard’s second-generation owner, will take Members on a journey through the historic and indigenous grape varieties of Xinjiang, including the captivating Beichuan, known for its elegantly full-bodied wines and sumptuous aroma. This is certainly a treat for the adventurous and discerning palate.

The wines we will taste:

2019 Rkatsiteli, Puchang Vineyard
2017 Muscat, Puchang Vineyard
2015 Beichuan, Puchang Vineyard 
2016 Saperavi, Puchang Vineyard
2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, Puchang Vineyard 
2014 Clovine Sweet Beichun, Puchang Vineyard

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