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A guide to storing and enjoying your wine at the Club.

There are three ways to access your collection at the Club.

Method 1

The first way is to visit the 67pallmall.com and select ‘Your Cellar’ from the Members’ area dropdown menu.



Method 2

The second way is directly at the Club, when browsing the Club wine list using our ipads.

Simply select the ‘My Wines’  as pictured.



Method 3

The third method is simply to type 67.wineowners.com into your web browser.

Your username and password

Your username is your Club Membership number, starting 67 e.g. 67153360


At first ‘Sign In’ your temporary password is comprised of your 2 initials in capitals followed by your Club Membership number starting 067 e.g.



The first time you sign in you will be invited to change your password to something more memorable.

Requesting wine from your cellar at the Club

To view your wines cellared at 67 Pall Mall, order for today or for a booking upon your next visit to the Club.

Click on the 67 Wines Link at the top of the page header.

Or select view wines in the My 67 Wines section on the welcome page.

Click Request Wine and instruct preparation for now, tomorrow, or for a later date with any special instructions such as decanting or breathing time.


How to view your wine requests

You can view your wine requests in progress from the welcome page button or via my account.


Your complete wine collection

You can catalogue, track, and manage your entire wine collection using a state-of-the-art collection management platform provided to all members.

Start by adding wine using the rapid data entry online wine wizard.

You can create additional cellar locations, and designate them as professional storage, home or en primeur.

Your collection management account will enable you to:

  • Organise, track, and value your entire collection no matter how many.
  • Locations your wines are stored in.
  • Understand better what to drink, lay down, gift, or sell.
  • Discover current market pricing updated every week.
  • Compare and explore wines in your collection including producer profiles, reviews, and drinking windows.

Comprehensive online tutorial videos are provided in the left-hand column on the welcome page.



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