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Wine is our passion

The accessibility of the Club’s wine, both physically and financially, underpins all that we do. The concept of bottles forever locked away in cellars gathering dust is our own particular bête−noire. Our mission is to entice our Members to pull the cork and discover a new wine.

To assist Members in their choices, our wine list is available as a searchable list on iPads; loaded with winemakers’ notes, tasting notes and critics’ scores. Further expert guidance is available from our team of sommeliers, whose aim is to engage and inspire.

The most secure storage for fine wine in central London

Members are encouraged to store their own wine at the Club in our extensive cellars. This allows members to request their bottles from our onsite storage, for consumption in the Club for an inexpensive corkage fee, or to be taken away to be enjoyed elsewhere, or even delivered to a local address.

The cellar houses the Club’s and members’ collections in perfect conditions with the bespoke air handling system that will maintain the temperature between 13 & 14 degrees centigrade and 65 – 70% humidity.

In London, members are able to store their own wines at the Club in a Chatwood “Invincible” bank vault, formerly used by the building’s previous occupier, Hambros Bank.


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