London Member Consignment

The consignment model allows Members to sell the wines that they have stored in 67 Pall Mall’s cellar via the Club’s wine list (or drink them in the Club for the regular corkage fee).

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Steps to consign your wine

The initial step in this process is to send a list of wines (including wine & producer details, vintage and bottle size) and quantity of each you wish to consign to [email protected]. Our buying team will review your wines and advise you on price and the wines they would be happy to bid for, this will be set from a sensible UK market price.

Once an agreement on pricing and quantity has been reached, if the wines are not already stored with us, we would request you make arrangements for delivery to our off-site storage facility a short walk from the Club.

The wine will be stored under your name, earmarked for consignment.

Whilst under the consignment process there is a storage charge levied to your account of £30 per 9L case per annum.

We look to ensure perfect provenance and that the wines we receive have been stored in optimum condition. Upon receipt the cellar team will inspect the condition of each bottle. If any are deemed unsatisfactory, we retain the right to refuse at this juncture. This may be for (but not exclusive of); label condition, bottle condition, low ullage, leaks, cork condition, cap condition, previous Coravin access that may suggest fault. The process (but not exclusive of) cork taint, oxidation/premox will be ongoing and if successive bottles show signs of any of the aforementioned faults, we reserve the right to cancel any consignment of the remaining bottles.

As mentioned, your wines (not yet purchased by 67 Pall Mall), will be available to order and drink under corkage when you visit the Club.

Under consignment, the first bottle of each wine will be purchased and only once this initial bottle has been sold in the Club will we purchase the second bottle. This process is repeated until all the agreed wine has been depleted. Wines not yet purchased by 67 Pall Mall can be removed upon written request at any time.

An invoice will be raised for any of your consigned wines that are sold weekly, and payment will be actioned as a credit on your membership account in the first week of the following month.

Credit on your account can be used as a form of payment in the Club or to settle Membership payments.

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