Australia’s vinous paradise: walk-around tasting of Victorian wine

Tuesday 28th May 2024

Bringing together great wine and great people is the beating heart of 67 Pall Mall, and on 28th May we are doing exactly that at Tai Kwun. Join us as we pour outstanding wine from Victoria state in Australia – the home of our forthcoming Melbourne Club – in a walk-around tasting that gives a flavour of what our Members enjoy around the world.

Regions such as the Yarra Valley, Beechworth, Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland and Grampians have all established international reputations for making wine that stands alongside the greatest examples of their kind. Styles range from sophisticated Chardonnays to lustrous Syrah to captivating Pinot Noir, and pretty much everything in between: Victoria truly is a vinous paradise.

This walk-around tasting offers a lively setting in which to discover and share fantastic wines in a spacious and historic Hong Kong landmark, Tai Kwun. The full line-up of wines will be provided in a tasting booklet on the day, but guests can expect historic names such Yeringberg, Chalmers and Best’s alongside relative newcomers including Savaterre and Fowles. In true 67 Pall Mall fashion, wines are poured in Zalto Universals to maximise the tasting experience as we discover the very best of Victorian wine. 


Tai Kwun Duplex Studio LG1/F Block 1, 10 Hollywood Road Central, Hong Kong

67 Pall Mall X Coravin present Champagne 101

Thursday 30th May 2024

Join us for an evening of champagne appreciation and celebrating the innovation that makes our extensive champagne by-the-glass list possible as we host Coravin’s founder and inventor, Greg Lambrecht. Greg will detail how his latest innovation allows a potentially limitless selection of champagne by the glass and we invite you to come and taste for yourself how their latest innovation works with a flight of five champagnes – all in magnum – that have been opened several weeks in advance and preserved with the device.

We will be tasting several different styles and vintages – all in the name of champagne science, of course! It’s the ideal toast to our new pop-up on Hollywood Road, which will offer 67 different champagnes by the glass – the largest selection in the region.

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