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Grant Ashton

Founder & CEO

Having spent 30 years running trading floors in London’s ​financial district, Grant Ashton’s next career move wasn’t ​obviously to become a hospitality professional; but too ​many hours spent scanning the wine lists of London’s ​restaurants looking for wines that were not triple their ​market price convinced him that there had to be another way…​

It is fitting that as a former banker he was the one to take ​on a former bank on London’s prestigious Pall Mall, to ​create a temple to wine rather than to mammon. ​

Grant’s financial career started longer ago than he cares to recall at Samuel Montagu & Co, before progressing via UBS and Salomon Bros, to become Head of European Credit Trading for Barclays Capital. After a stint as CEO of Infinity Capital Markets and as a partner in a hedge fund, Omni Partners LLP the commitment required to take the 67 Pall Mall concept off the drawing board and to put it on the map became too much and he left the financial world to immerse himself (willingly!) in wine.

His sometimes scary singlemindedness enabled the founding Club to open with a full Members list, with the largest collection of wines by-the-glass and one of the finest wine lists in the UK, if not the world.

Grant’s ambitions were not restricted to one Club alone ​though. The concept of wine discovery as a central tenet ​to the Club made global expansion a must for 67 Pall Mall. ​

Since the end of 2021, 67 Pall Mall has opened Clubs in ​Verbier and Singapore, purchased a property in Beaune ​and secured a lease on a property in Bordeaux. ​

Currently residing in Singapore, Grant continues to seek iconic destinations for future Clubs where food and wine lie at the heart of the local culture.

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