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Sommelier’s Choice – Ionna

When being asked to choose a wine that I would drink when being isolated, I had to pick a bottle that reminded me of beautiful moments I’ve had. I chose Mystirio/14 as my wine of choice.

Mystirio/14 is an orange wine, made from 100% Assyrtiko. This wine shows intense herbaceous aromas of mint, chamomile, black tea and spicy coriander with cardamom characters. Minerality is always there with hints of pear and clementine. This wine has a structured and brimful mouthfeel and at the same time it is both austere and balanced. On the palate this spicy salinity reminds you of its origin.

Mystirio/14 comes from a winery called Artemis Karamolegos and traces its roots back to 1952. It is linked to Santorini’s volcanic vineyards and winemaking traditions led by Lefteris Anagnostou, winemaker and consultant.

Santorini’s most prestigious grape variety is Assyrtiko. When everyone and everything is dying in drought, it is one of the only grape varieties that can withstand these conditions, and is still capable of not only surviving this challenging environment but the grapes can be turned into one of the most special wines on earth.

If you have lived on this land, you will understand why this place is unique. Whilst in July it is almost impossible to breathe from the heat and humidity, Santorini’s grapes are ready to be harvested – even though they are exhausted by the heat, wind and drought. They are ready to produce one of the most impressive wines with high expressive minerality and fantastic juiciness.


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