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Polished Rice and All Things Nice — A Japanese Sake Soirée, sponsored by the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association | Thursday 21st October 2021

As well as being Japan’s national beverage, sake continues to grow its appeal internationally, especially amongst wine lovers.

Premium examples of sake — brewed using rice which has been meticulously polished, washed, steamed and fermented by the magical power of micro-organisms; Koji and yeast — offer a distinct yet comparable tasting experience to that of fine wines.

From earthy ‘junmai’ and elegant ‘daiginjo’, to cloudy ‘nigori’ and umami-rich ‘koshu’, this walkaround tasting represents a rare opportunity to taste 17 premium examples of Japanese sake, chosen from across the major sake styles.

Sponsored by the Japan Sake & Shochu Makers Association, whether sake novices or enthusiasts, we encourage Members to meet over a glass and ‘Kanpai’!

To guide you through your sake journey, some of the UK’s leading experts will be on hand to answer any of your questions about the history and culture of sake, its production, regionality, where to buy in the UK, and more.

Whether you are newly curious about Japanese sake or are just feeling in need of a refresher, this an evening not to be missed.

Sake to be tasted :

Shirakabegura MIO
Akashitai Junmai  Ginjo Sparkling
Keigetsu Sparkling sake  John
Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo
Fukukomachi Daiginjo ‘Hidden Glade’
Yauemon Junmai Ginjo ‘Silent Forest’
Tamagawa Tokubetsu Junmai ‘Heart of Oak’
Daishichi Kimoto Classic
Kasumitsuru Kimoto Junmai
Ozeki Karatanba
Urakasumi Honjikomi
Gekkeika Tokusen Honjozo
Ippongi Umeshu Ginkoubai
Akashitai Yuzushu
Nishinoseki Hananigori Nigori
Kamoizumi Sachi
Time Machine

Thursday 21st October 2021
St James’s Room
18.30 – Walkaround tasting begins 
£30 per ticket

23 in stock


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