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Indigenous Grape Varietals from Israel: from Biblical Times to the Start-Up Nation with Tal Sunderland-Cohen | Tuesday 28th September

For the first time, a master class on the ancient wines of the Holy Land! 

Do you know your Marawi from your Hamdani? Do you Dabouki or Baladi? How do you pair an Argaman or Bittuni? 

Join Tal Sunderland-Cohen on a wonderful exploration of local grape varietals being grown in Israel, which are entirely indigenous to the region. 

Israeli wineries are experimenting with local varieties more than ever, making this a fascinating and up-and-coming area to explore. 

We will be comparing wines from indigenous grapes from pioneering oenologists, along with local expressions of European varieties, to give you an insight into the latest in Israeli winemaking. 

Yallah! (Let’s go!)

Wines to be served:

2019 Teperberg Inspire Famitage
2019 Segal Winery, Dabuky Kdumim
2020 Feldstein Winery,  Dabuki reserve
2019 Segal Winery, Marawi S.V. Kdumim
2019 Recanati Winery, Marawi
2018 Gvaot Winery, Gofna, Hamdani Jandali
2018 Recanati Winery Bittuni
2018 Gvaot Winery, Gofna Bittuni
2020 Barkan Winery, Classic Argaman
2018 Feldstein Winery,  Argaman
2019 Jezreel, Alfa
2018 Segal Winery, Whole Cluster Syrah

Tuesday 28th September
St James’s Room
18:30 – welcome drink on arrival
19:00 – Tasting to begin
£85 per ticket


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