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Brewing, Tasting and Appreciating Coffee Masterclass with Amoret Coffee | Thursday 21st October

With the Winter months making early mornings challenging for even the earliest of risers, join us for a caffeinated masterclass guaranteed to awake the senses.

We will begin with an introduction to Arabica coffee, covering its history, the development of brewing culture, and the rise of coffee houses. We look at the invention of espresso and café culture, the rise of speciality, Aussie/Kiwi coffee, and the third wave.

Members will then put their palates to a test with a tasting overview, where we taste and identify differences in Arabicas based on geography, varietal, processing, and roasting method.

A demonstration of the pourover technique will offer a view of how to brew the perfect filter coffee, before we gain an in-depth understanding of espresso extraction, including what it takes to pull what baristas affectionately know as the ‘God shot’.

Finally, Members will learn the fundamentals of latte art pouring, as we learn all there is to know about milk steaming, before a coffee-fuelled Q&A.


A buffet breakfast will be included.

Thursday 21st October
St James’s Room
10:00 – Workshop begins
12:00 – Workshop finishes

£40 per ticket

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