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Following travels to the region, Federico Moccia and Nelson Pari are teaming up with the Consorzio of Bolgheri DOC for the first ever 2019 Bolgheri anteprima (en primeur) presented outside of Bolgheri, hosted by 67 Pall Mall.

Join us for this very special walk-around tasting in the St. James’s Room, where over 40 wines will represent the area which has cemented Italy’s prized place on the global wine stage. The winemakers in attendance will be announced in the New Year.

Lesser-known producers will sit alongside prestigious names for the first time, in this unprecedented survey of Bolgheri’s quality and diversity.

Members will have the opportunity to discover the finest expressions that Bolgheri has to offer, all in one unmissable tasting.

Italian-inspired canapés will be in circulation during the tasting for the full Italian experience, though we are certain Members will have no difficulty getting into the spirit of the occasion with our inimitable hosts leading the charge.

The wines we will be tasting:
Argentiera, Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Batzella, Pean Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Caccia al Piano, Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Camarcanda, Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Campo al Mare, Baia al Vento Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Campo al Pero, Dorianae Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Campo al Signore, Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Campo alla Sughera, Adeo Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Castello di Bolgheri, Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Ceralti, Sonoro Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Chiappini, Guado de’ Gemoli Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Cipriana, Scopaio Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Donna Olimpia, Millepassi Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Donne Fittipaldi, Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Fabio Motta, Le Gonnare Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Fattoria Casa di Tera, Mosaico Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Fornacelle, Foglio 38 Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Giorgio Meletti Cavallari, Impronte Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Grattamacco, Bolgheri Superiore 2019
I Greppi, Greppicaia Bolgheri Superiore 2019
La Madonnina, Opera Omnia Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Le Crocine, 57022 Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Le Macchiole, Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Le Novelire, Re Ludio Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Michele Satta, Piastraia Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Orma, Passi di Orma, Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Ornellaia, Ornellaia Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Podere 7, Il Superbo Bolgheri Superiore 2018
Podere Conca,Agapanto Bolgheri Rosso 2020
Podere Prospero, Podere Prospero Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Podere Sapaio, Volpolo Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Poggio al Tesoro, Sondraia Bolgheri Superiore 2019
San Felice, Bell’Aja Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Tenuta Di Vaira, La Bolgherese Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Tenuta Guado al Tasso, Guado al Tasso Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Tenuta le Colonne, Le Colonne Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Tenuta Meraviglia, Tenuta Meraviglia Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Tenuta Sette Cieli, Noi 4 Bolgheri Rosso 2019
Terre del Marchesato, Marchesale Bolgheri Superiore 2019
Villanoviana, Sant’Uberto Bolgheri Superiore 2019

We anticipate that this event will prove extremely popular, thus we have created two time slots for our Members in order to ensure the finest experience possible.

When purchasing your tickets, simply select the time slot you would like to attend using the dropdown list.

Thursday 24th February
St. James’s Room
Slot 1 – 16:00 – 18:00
Slot 2 – 18:00 – 20:00

£35 per ticket

Should the event sell out before you are able to secure a ticket, please register your interest on the waiting list using this form. We will be in touch should tickets become available.

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