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It seems that Vintage Port is making a comeback in our affections. Whilst still seen as a conservative choice, this most famous of Port styles is no longer strictly confined to gentlemen’s clubs and traditional city livery companies. Port is rapidly being viewed as one of the best value buys around, and it is a pleasure to welcome Demetri who will guide us through this fantastic collection.

astern Mediterranean Odyssey with Demetri Walters MW

Wine Samples:

1) 1963 Taylor
2) 1966 Taylor
3) 1977 Fonseca
4) 1970 Graham’s
5) 1980 Warre
6) 1963 Graham’s Colheita

Delivered to the UK £170.00
Delivered to Europe £180.00

To join the online classes, simply click on the link 5 minutes ahead of the Masterclass.



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