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Port and Madeira – Alcohol, oxygen, sugar and the passage of time – the recipe for a long life?

Few wines, even fortified wines, age as well as these two Portugese stalwarts of a high-octane breed. To varying degrees oxidative maturation and balanced sweetness are at the very heart of their success, and it’s not often that one can taste them side-by-side from the same age blend or vintage in order to assess why they taste the way they do.

This will prove to be an hour of enjoyment, easy learning, scientific enquiry and a good deal of spitting-in, with the tasting culminating in two wines, admittedly both sprightly but rather venerable, with a century between them.

I’d join in just for that!

Crack out those nuts and fruit cake…

Wine Samples:

H&H Verdelho 20-Year
Niepoort 20 Year Old Tawny
1977 Dow’s Vintage Port
1977 Malmsey Blandy’s Madeira
1963 Graham’s Colheita
1863 Leacock Malmsey Solera


We’re so sorry there are no more wine sample kits available for this virtual event.

Please do reach out to our operations team via email; operations@67pallmall.com to register your interest in this event, this means we can then reach out should any stock become available.

To join the online classes, simply click on the link 5 minutes ahead of the Masterclass.


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