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Is wine sustainable?

We are all acutely aware of the need to live a more sustainable life, however what makes a wine sustainable? What does this mean? How can we ensure that we are ‘drinking responsibly’ in a slightly different sense than we are used to?

Sustainable wine

As a Wine Club, it is our duty to ensure our Members are fully informed on what changes are being made and can be made, both in the vineyard right through to what happens after the contents of the bottle has evaporated…

It is a true pleasure to co-host what will be an eye-opening evening with ‘Sustainable Wine’, the brainchild of three Members who met through the Club, and are becoming a driving force behind change in the wine industry.

The quote, “there is no such thing as ‘throwing away’. It must go somewhere”, resonates with us enormously. The way 67 Pall Mall recycles, our methods of transporting wine, the disposal of packaging both with our food offering and the wine/glassware must be carried out with sustainability in mind.

It is a real pleasure to welcome a panel of expert speakers for an informal Q&A where we aim to break this topic down into three digestible categories. This panel will be comprised of leaders in the wine industry and will offer an invaluable insight into the future of wine.

We invite Members and their guests for a drinks reception, followed by a seated panel discussion to include a handful of expressions that will be tasted alongside the relevant topic of conversation.

I do hope you are able to join us.

We will taste: 

Domaine Jean-Louis Chave
Gravner Winery
Domaine Tempier
Champagne André Beaufort

Monday 27th January
St James’s Room
18:30 – welcome reception
18:50 – guests to be seated
19:00 – tasting, discussion and Q&A to begin
20:30 – event to close

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