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Monday 16th March – The story of Cappellano with Eric Sabourin

We have been given the opportunity to welcome Eric Sabourin of Falcon Vintners to the Club, who has just got his hands on some spectacular vintages of Cappellano. As such, he would love to share these bottles with Members of the Club.


The story begins with the current owner, Augusto’s great-great-grandfather, the notary Filippo Cappellano who, with a great passion for wine, founded the company at the age of 48 and brought together about 60 hectares into one estate of farmland.

Augusto’s grandfather Francesco Augusto Cappellano, an oenologist, followed his ancestors’ footsteps in passing on the baton to his son Teobaldo, his father, at the end of the 1960s. After his childhood in Eritrea, Teobaldo took the helm of the company and changed it dramatically by reducing the size, and implementing the highest quality control, following very specific guidelines.

A legend in Barolo, Teobaldo Cappellano was one of the last of the region’s great traditionalist winemakers. Additionally, in 1983 he banished all journalists from his cellar, unless they agreed to review his wines without scores. He saw ratings as divisive among growers.

Cappellano make fewer than 800 cases of Barolo per year. Two-thirds of his Barolo production is labelled as Barolo ‘Rupestris’, from a parcel planted on grafted rootstock in the 1940s and the remainder is the mythic ‘Piè Franco’from a parcel planted on its own roots with Nebbiolo’s ‘Michet’ clone in 1989.

Cappellano remains one of the Langhe’s and Italy’s great wineries. They are some of the most sought after wines of Europe and we will have a taste of four older vintages from 1947 to 1978 and some Piè Rupestris and Piè Franco side by side from 3 fantastic vintages; 1999, 2001 and 2004.

We will taste: 

1947 Cappellano
1955 Cappellano
1962 Cappellano
1970 Cappellano
1999 Cappellano Piè Rupestris
2001 Cappellano Piè Rupestris
2004 Cappellano Piè Rupestris
1999 Cappellano Piè Franco
2001 Cappellano Piè Franco
2004 Cappellano Piè Franco

Monday 16th March
The Marlborough Room
18:30 canapé reception in the Members’ Lounge
19:00 Seated Masterclass to begin

£360.00 per guest

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