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Port strengthens while it gladden as no other wine can do.” – James Biancamano

Established in 1638 by Christiano Kopke and his son, Nicolau Kopke, the House of Kopke is the first and oldest Port wine house.

The Upper Douro, in north-east Portugal, is considered to be the oldest wine-growing region in the world as well as being a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site. Thus, it was certainly not by chance that Kopke chose the Douro to make wines…

The extraordinary labour of generations of farmers shaped the landscape of the Douro – moving soil, sculpting hillsides, building walls and terraces and harvesting incessantly. The harvesting in the Douro is one of the most intense farming activities in Portugal; enormously hard work, undertaken on steep slopes, under temperatures often above 40°C with workers carrying baskets laden with grapes up and down the slopes for days on end…

Today, Kopke is renowned for its impressive stock of very old wines, including rare Tawny and White Ports. It is a pleasure to welcome Winemaker and Export Manager Joao Belo to the Club, who will guide Members through the history of Kopke, showcasing a collection of still and fortified wines.

We welcomed Members for an impressive Masterclass with Kopke back in April; this Masterclass however will show a few more back vintages, in the beautiful surroundings of the Marlborough Room.

We will taste:

NV Kopke Fine White Port
2008 Kopke Colheita White Port
NV Kopke 10-Year-Old white (half)
NV Kopke 30-Year-Old white (half)
NV Kopke 30-Year-Old Tawny
1999 Colheita
1989 Colheita
1985 Colheita
1975 Colheita
1966 Colheita
1958 Colheita

Thursday 28th November
The Marlborough Room
18:30 – welcome drink on arrival
19:00 – guests to be seated for Masterclass
£135.00 per ticket

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