67 Pall Mall Verbier’s fitness offering includes 67 Fitness, one of the best equipped gyms in the Alps, and 67 Studio, a light-filled yoga studio.

67 Fitness is a Member-only gym, 67 Studio is open to all.

At 67 Fitness, the majority of the equipment is supplied by ‘Techno-Gym’ and includes cardio equipment, running machines, a cross-trainer, spin bikes and rowers and a specialised Techno-gym pully machine with multiple functionalities. The gym has a large free weight area equipped with a weights rack, kettle bells and dumbbells. Our Fitness Manager and Head Coach/Personal Trainer, Charlie Tate has over 20 years’ experience and hosts an assortment of seasonal gym classes.

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67 Fitness


During the winter season, Charlie guides Members through ski techniques, ski fitness, stretching and recovery. Tailored to your needs, Charlie is able to put together a fitness plan that aligns with your goals and season requirements.

During the summer months, the gym runs a combination of regular Lift fit, Power fit and Run fit classes in tandem with classes with high intensity (interval) classes to build strength and power. Additionally, Spartan Training classes are available in August ahead of the Spartan Race in September. Another key aspect to these classes is building proprioceptive (balancing, spatial awareness) and plyometric exercises, the variety of which will aid any sport or outdoor activity you pursue.

All of the sessions listed above can be adapted according to your needs.

Personal Training

Charlie will be able to help with any specific training you may need. With his experience in the fitness world and an osteopathic background, he will be able to identify your strengths and areas of improvement, as well as implement a programme suited to your needs to enhance your personal performance in whatever activity you pursue.


Charlie is a certified manual therapist and sports massage therapist. These treatments can aid in recovery after a long day on the mountain, as well as build resilience from any potential future injuries. Treatments include soft tissue techniques, sports massage, muscle energy techniques and manipulations. Charlie will also be able to advise on recovery using strength conditioning in the gym.

67 Studio


Located next door to the Club and on the Rue de Médran, 67 Studio is a fresh, light-filled space that affords spectacular views over the mountains, making it ideally suited for yoga.

Svetlana Negashova, a certified yoga and meditation teacher with 13 years of teaching experience, leads the programme of yoga classes. Originally from Norway, Svetlana has lived in Verbier for 5 years where she has established a reputation for her inspiring, uplifting and restorative teaching practice.

She offers regular group classes, as well as private sessions, which you can register for through the Glofox app. Having worked with clients of all levels and experiences, she can adapt her sessions to focus on your needs and can offer specific longer term training programmes.

In addition to yoga, Svetlana offers training on deep myofascial release of the face muscles, Gua Sha application techniques, self intraoral massage, correction of posture and application of kinesiology tapes in her private sessions. Her classes and personal training sessions are also available online. Svetlana would be delighted to discuss these options with you.

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Did you know

There are great health benefits to exercising at altitude. Verbier village sits at 1600m, so working out at altitude triggers a hormonal response that enhances the delivery and utilisation of oxygen throughout the body. It increases blood vessel size and capillary density. This improves heart functionality, enhances muscle performance and benefits general health.

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