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Exploring a Chilean champion – Seña Masterclass – Friday 26th July

In the early 1990s, Eduardo Chadwick had been running Viña Errázuriz, the winery founded by his ancestor Maximiano Errázuriz, for just a few years. He was already keen, however, to push the boundaries of Chilean wine, which was then largely considered a cheap-and-cheerful wine, and raise its profile on the world stage.

To realise his ambition, in 1991 he sought the advice of the great Californian pioneer Robert Mondavi, who had launched Opus One a decade earlier. Mondavi told the young Chadwick (who was then in his early 30s) that the way to put Chile on the map was to craft a wine in the classic Bordeaux tradition. And he offered to help him. ‘It was Bob who saw the potential,’ recalls Chadwick, ‘and when he invited me to join forces it was like a dream.’

Seña was created in 1995 as a joint venture between Chadwick and Mondavi, modelled on a Bordeaux style, via Cabernet Sauvignon, but with Chilean soul lent by Carmenère, both grown under organic farming principles in the Aconcagua Valley. Over the years, the approach has been fine-tuned, with Merlot tried and then replaced by Malbec, and 100% new oak reduced to 75% – all aimed at ‘refining the purity of Seña’, as Chadwick says. While the ties with Bordeaux have never been broken, Seña has gradually taken on a more Chilean profile, finally settling on a blend of around 55 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 15 to 20 percent Carmenère and Malbec, and a balance of Petit Verdot and, sometimes, Cabernet Franc.

Today, Seña stands as a beacon of Chilean winemaking, a benchmark for what the country is capable of. We are delighted, then, to welcome Thomas Beaucousin, commercial director for Seña and Viñedo Chadwick, to the Bier Haus at the Club for what promises to be an enthralling masterclass showcasing four vintages of Seña.

The wines we will be tasting:
2021 Seña, Viñedo Chadwick, Aconcagua Valley, Chile
2017 Seña, Viñedo Chadwick, Aconcagua Valley, Chile
2009 Seña, Viñedo Chadwick, Aconcagua Valley, Chile
2007 Seña, Viñedo Chadwick, Aconcagua Valley, Chile

67 Pall Mall Verbier
Friday 26th July
Masterclass begins
Masterclass ends

Ticket: CHF 55

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