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Roberto Duran Herrera

Assistant Head Sommelier

Roberto was studying economics, but soon he find out that economics wasn’t his thing and started to challenge himself in hospitality sector. He has been working in hospitality business for 17 years, he has experience working in Michelin star restaurant in Spain Miramar Restaurant 2** Michelin And Mirror Restaurant With Cheff Paco Perez where he had first feel what is like to be a sommelier in a high spec restaurant.

In 2014 Roberto won 3rd place in a best sommelier in Spain competition. After this he didn’t stop challenging himself, he moved to London to improve his english language and start his course of Master Sommelier, that’s when he joined the 67 Pall Mall opening team in 2015 as a sommelier. He was positive that this is not only a job, this is great learning curve for his career. All the knowledge that he gained working at 67 Pall Mall prompted him reattempt best sommelier in Spain competition and he won the 1st place.

In 2017 Roberto was promoted to Assistant Head Sommelier. At the end of the year Roberto moved to Singapore to obtain event more knowledge and learn about different culture, he worked for the famous chef Joel Robuchon his position there was head sommelier. Early this year Roberto came back to London and re-joined as an Assistant Head Sommelier and started to work towards the examination for Master Sommelier Diploma, apart of doing this he also preparing himself for relocation back to Singapore to open the new 67 Pall Mall branch in September 2020.

“It’s a amazing opportunity to be working in here, it’s truly rewarding and worth every effort, learning opportunities are extraordinary and around us every day; new wines, new trainings and new member. I am very pleased to be part of 67 Pall Mall.”