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Sake & Food Pairing with Oliver Hilton-Johnson & Marie Cheong-Thong | Friday, 2nd July

Please join Oliver Hilton-Johnson and Marie Cheong-Thong as they delve into the history, ingredients and styles of Japan’s national beverage: Sake, alongside delicious morsels from the Oystermen.

Fine sake – arguably as nuanced as wine, and of a similar alcohol content – can be enjoyed chilled, warmed and with a wide variety of food.  Lauded by Japanese chefs for its high umami content (the fifth taste) and its ability to enhance the food it pairs with, sake is gaining a notable following amongst western chefs, wine enthusiasts and gourmands alike. Unlock the secrets of Japanese sake in this session.

Attendees will also enjoy a carefully paired selection of seafood dishes from The Oystermen (Best Restaurant OFM Awards 2019).

Oliver Hilton-Johnson is a Sake Specialist & Scholar, and the Director of award-winning Tengu Sake who focus exclusively on bringing premium Japanese sake to the UK market. Among Marie Cheong-Thong many accolades, she is a WSET certified Sake Educator teaching sake courses at various schools including WSET. She is also the International Educator for the Sake School of America for both their Sake and Shochu courses.

Sake to be tasted:

Welcome Drink Japanese cocktail

Chotoku “Heavenly Brew” Honjōzō (Genshu)

Fukukomachi “Hidden Glade” Daiginjō

Konishi Hiyashibori “Konishi Silver” Ginjō Nama-chozō

Gozenshu “Misty Mountain” Junmai Usu-nigori Bodaimoto

Kodakara Red Grape Liqueur


selection of dressed oyster

Black garlic vinegar and citrus caviar oyster

Calamansi and jalapeño oyster

Champonzu and wasabi oyster

Sea bream ceviche, ponzu and passionfruit dressing, chilli and spring onion

Tuna sashimi, teriyaki glazed and crispy mouli salad

Warm spelt salad, white miso cured trout, soy ginger and coriander dressing

Coconut cheesecake, mango jelly and almonds

Friday 2nd July
St James’s Room
18:30 – welcome drink on arrival
19:00 – seated workshop to begin
£120 per ticket

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