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Icons Tasting – Wednesday 14th September

The campaign we simply refer to simply as ”Icons” has become known variously as “Beyond Bordeaux”, “La Place Late Releases”, “The Contenders”, “The Outsiders” etc and are a collection of wines offered by Bordeaux-based negotiants in September and early October.  Originally these were focussed on Napa estates but broadened out to include Tuscany and the Americas more generally, with wines tending to be based on Bordeaux varieties – which would make sense given the experience and networks of La Place.

However as more wines from different regions are added each year the offering becomes more complex – last year saw Spain’s first releases (Yjar and Vivaltus, both sold out) and also Australia’s (Penfolds Bin 169) as well as the first Brunello (Poggio Antico).

This year we are anticipating new wines from as far afield as Barolo, Bandol, Austria and Etna to join the ranks.  Just like our Bordeaux En Primeur campaigns – we will be rather more selective than most, only offering those releases we believe are sufficiently thrilling and good value to present to you.

The wines we will be tasting:
2019 Inglenook
2019 Vin de Constance
2020 Almaviva 2020 + Epu
2019 Penfolds Bin 169 Cabernet Sauvignon
2019 Cheval des Andes
2019 Joseph Phelps
2020 Bibi Graetz (Colore + Testamatta)
2019 Caiarossa
2019 Kracher TBA “Grande Cuvée”
2019 Odyssée
Alberelli Giodo

St James’s Room
Wednesday 14th September
18:30 – Tasting begins
20:30 – Tasting ends

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