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Exploring Saint-Joseph with Matt Walls and Michel Chapoutier – Wednesday 27th September

Saint-Joseph, in the Northern Rhône, is home to beautifully food-friendly, granitic expressions of red wines made from Syrah and whites from Marsanne/Roussanne.

But at over 50km in length from north to south, the region is home to are many different stylistic renderings. At one end of the spectrum there are fresh, spicy, floral examples; at the other, you’ll find fuller, more powerful versions.

Join Matt Walls, the acclaimed author of Wines of the Rhône, who will showcase a host of stellar wines to illustrate these different styles. He’ll explain how the terroir influences the wines to create such different expressions, and why this appellation is finally getting the reputation it deserves.

We are delighted to also be joined by Michel Chapoutier, one of the Rhône’s greatest winemakers, who will be present to offer his unparalleled insight into the appellation, pour his wines, and reveal stories from a lifetime spent making wine in the region.

We hope to see you there.

The wines that we will be tasting:
M. Chapoutier, Deschants Blanc, Saint-Joseph 2021
M. Chapoutier, Les Granilites Blanc, Saint-Joseph, 2019
M. Chapoutier, Deschants Rouge, Saint-Joseph 2021
M. Chapoutier, Les Granilites Rouge, Saint-Joseph 2020
M. Chapoutier, Le Clos Rouge, Saint-Joseph, 2018
Domaine Des Remizières, Saint-Joseph Rouge 2021
Domaine Niero, Bois Prieur Rouge, Saint-Joseph 2020
Cave Jean François Jacouton, Chemin de Sainte- Épine Rouge, Saint-Joseph 2020
Maison Delas Frères, François De Tournon Rouge, Saint-Joseph 2019
Jaboulet, Le Croix de Vignes Rouge, Saint-Joseph 2016

Wednesday 27th September
St. James’s Room      
18:30 – Glass on arrival  
19:00 – Masterclass begins   
20:30 – Masterclass ends  

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