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Bemberg Masterclass with Daniel Pi – Tuesday 3rd October

If there is a brand whose journey reflects the ambition and elevation of Argentina’s wines to reach the highest echelons of the wine world, it is surely Bemberg.

For years the family behind the country’s leading beer company, the Bembergs moved into wine with the 2010 purchase of Penaflor, home to such reputed brands as Trapiche, under renowned winemaker Daniel Pi.

Three years later, they set out to create a collection of wines sourced from the very finest micro-terroirs found among the 3,200 hectares which the family now owned across the length and breadth of the country. Initially, the idea was to serve the wines solely at family gatherings. But so struck were they with the results, the family entrusted Pi with producing the wines for distribution on the international stage.

The result is what Daniel Pi calls ‘the best wines I’ve ever made’ – a series of exceptional, limited-edition cuvées comprising seven single-varietal, ‘micro-terroir’ wines and the flagship, Pionero, a Malbec-led blend that it is a homage to old-school Bordeaux.

We are delighted to welcome Daniel himself to the Club for a tasting of eight Bemberg wines, including three vintages of Pionero, beginning with the inaugural vintage, the 2013. Along the way, expect an inside look at the story of Argentina’s ascension to a region producing increasingly refined wines – and what’s next on the horizon.

Please note that this event is for 12 people only, so early booking is recommended.

The wines we will be tasting:
2017 La Linterna, Finca El Tomillo Chardonnay, Plot 1 Gualtallary, Mendoza
2015 La Linterna, Finca El Milagro Malbec, Plot 15, La Consulta, Mendoza
2015 La Linterna, Finca La Yesca Malbec, Plot 13, Valle de Pedernal, San Juan
2015 Finca Los Chanares Malbec, Plot 78, Chanar Punco, Catamarca
2015 Finca Las Mercedes Cabernet Sauvignon, Plot 19 Valle de Catayate, Salta
2016 Pionero, Finca El Tomillo, Mendoza
2015 Pionero, Finca El Tomillo, Mendoza
2013 Pionero, Finca El Tomillo, Mendoza

Tuesday 3rd October
Lutyens Room
18:30 Welcome Drink
19:00 Masterclass starts
20:30 Masterclass ends

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