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AA Badenhorst


Adi Badenhorst has long been at the centre of South Africa’s new wave wine revolution. Adi Badenhorst is the charismatic winemaker who alongside Eben Sadie has put Swartland on the map. Outspoken, opinionated and talented, his charisma rubs off upon the wines he creates.

AA Badenhorst with Adi Badenhorst

If anyone deserves the bulk of the credit for jump-starting the country’s reputation on the world stage it is him. He moved away from the comfort zone of Stellenbosch, where he was winemaker at Rustenberg, for vineyards of Swartland due north of Stellenbosch, where he farms the old Grenache vines in the country. He has spearheaded a movement of boutique wines made in the most traditional ways possible.

“If I were to compile my top ten unforgettable winery visits anywhere in the world, it would include Mr. Badenhorst. Adi’s wines are intermittently brilliant and never boring.” Neal Martin

Wine Samples:

2017 AA Badenhorst Family White
2018 AA Badenhorst Klip Klop Chenin Blanc
2018 AA Badenhorst Kelderblok Chenin Blanc
2017 AA Badenhorst Family Red
2018 AA Badenhorst Ringmuur Cinsault
2017 AA Badenhorst Raaigras Grenache

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