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Oyster Boy – a shucking workshop with wines to pair

Having welcomed Members to two brilliant Masterclasses last year, we are very excited to invite Members to the third edition of our Oyster shucking workshop, where our sommeliers will pick the perfect wines to pair.

Oyster Boy

If you are a fan of oysters, then you know the pleasures that these intriguing bivalves offer. Oysters are as varied as their oceanic terroir – they can be crisp or silky, briny or sweet, ‘citrusy’ or redolent of cucumber. And no matter what the flavour or texture, they all beg for just the right wine…

Oyster Boy combines street market patter with fine dining expertise, and for the last 8 years, the team have been visiting the finest of Europe’s many oyster farms, tasting the various bivalves to bring the best flavours and textures back to the London locations.

On Tuesday 10th March, we welcome Oyster Boy for a pairing of man’s oldest delicacy with wines chosen by our sommelier team, following numerous tastings we have orchestrated to ensure that we perfect the pairings.

In this workshop, Members will learn the differences in oyster species and their farming methods, the different textures and tastes they possess, and the finest wines with which to pair them. Additionally, you will also learn how to professionally and safely shuck (open) an oyster yourself.

Wines to be confirmed

Tuesday 10th March
St James’s Room
18:30 – welcome drink on arrival
19:00 – seated workshop to begin
£125.00 per guest

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