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The Might of Madeira

Heat and air, the sworn enemies of most wines and winemakers, conspire to turn Madeira into one of the most enthralling of the world’s wines as well as the most resilient.

During the 17th century, wine was often spoiled and needed to be fortified (by adding alcohol) to survive a voyage at sea. The seamen would load up on Madeira before making their way to the Americas, and noticed that the wines were getting better and better after a lengthy voyage through the tropics…

Please join our evening online masterclass hosted by Demetri Walters MW, guiding us through the Might of Madeira.

Wine Samples:

1) 5-year-old blend, Medium Dry

2) 2000 Malvasia (Colheita)

3) 1989 Sercial

4) 1988 Terrantez

5) 1988 Verdelho

6) 1987 Boal

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