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Sunday 24th May – French Alps indigenous grape focus and discussion with Wink Lorch


Savoie and its neighbouring French Alpine wine regions are a hot-bed of indigenous grape varieties. Whereas Savoie’s white Altesse and red Mondeuse grapes have been valued as quality grapes for several decades, many other local varieties have been at great risk of becoming extinct. This century has seen a movement to rescue and rehabilitate these varieties and give value to the wines made from them.

French Alps Indigenous

Wink Lorch, author of Wines of the French Alps, (www.winetravelmedia.com/shop) will delve into the history of the important quality wine grapes of Savoie and discuss why it is so important today to preserve other varieties.

The wines in the tasting packs will help tell the story. We will begin with a taste of a rare wine from Syrah’s Mum, Mondeuse Blanche, with less than 10ha grown anywhere in the world, continue with Gringet, also very rare, but now made famous by Dominique Belluard. We will then zoom in on Altesse and Mondeuse before ending with the story of how the once revered Persan grape variety was so nearly lost to the world.

Wink will also tell the story of now retired vigneron Michel Grisard and how he galvanized colleagues and amateurs alike to save these Alpine grapes, at the same time rescuing a former vineyard hillside from abandonment.

Wine Samples:

2019 Maison Philippe Grisard Savoie Mondeuse Blanche Originelle
2018 Domaine Belluard’ Les Alpes Savoie Ayse Gringet
2017 Domaine Orchis Quintessence Roussette de Savoie Altesse
2016 Gilles Berlioz La Deuse Savoie Mondeuse
2015 Domaine Giachino Savoie Persan
2016 Domaine des Ardoisières IGP des Allobroges Améthyste

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