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Jukes Cordialities


Launched in 2019 by Matthew and his co-founder Jack Hollihan, the Cordialities are a brand new category of drinks, with complex flavours assembled by the olfactory and sensory expertise of an expert wine taster. Throughout his prestigious career, Matthew has never found an elegant, non-alcoholic drink that is genuinely satisfying and palatable, so he decided to create his own. He specifically designed Jukes for people who want to maintain their high standards of taste and pleasure, even when they are not indulging in alcohol.

Jukes Wines

Jukes has launched two distinct Cordialities — Jukes 1 and Jukes 6 — both designed to be mixed with still or sparkling water at the lunch or dinner table and even tonic water at the bar, giving the consumer a choice to suit their personal palate. The Cordialities are bottled in small 30ml bottles from which consumers can pour the exact measure to suit their own tastes.

Jukes 8 is the latest addition to the collection, a new limited-edition drink in the series that will be launched in May. Jukes 8 is Matthew’s take on a modern rosé, with a nod to the hallmarks and historical triggers of some of his favourite Provençal wines.


1) Jukes 1
2) Jukes 6
3) Jukes 8

Delivered to the UK £35.00
Delivered to Europe £45.00

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