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Saturday 23rd May – Gin Tasting – The £3 billion juggernaut with Michael Palij MW

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Not since Hogarth’s time has gin been so popular.  Exports have soared to £700 million (almost trebling in the last decade) and it seems we can’t get enough of the stuff at home, polishing off more than 70 million bottles in 2019.  The supermarket shelves are awash in new brands and flavour variants are launched with bewildering speed.  But has all the innovation come at a cost?  Is gin in danger of losing its identity?  Join Master of Wine Michael Palij, co-owner of Smeaton’s Bristol Method Dry Gin, as he explores a category at a crossroads.

Gin - Looking at different styles with Michael Palij MWGin - Looking at different styles with Michael Palij MW

Gin Samples:

Aldi London Dry Gin (Oliver Cromwell)
Haymans London Dry Gin
Plymouth Gin
Hendrick’s Distilled Gin
Smeaton’s Bristol Method Dry Gin
Warner’s Rhubarb Gin

Delivered to the UK £70
Delivered to EU £80

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