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Quinta do Crasto: Trailblazers of the Modern Douro


The first known references to the Quinta do Crasto can be traced back to 1615, long before the Douro became the world’s first Demarcated Wine Region in 1756. Located in one of the most magical spots in the Douro Valley, Quinta do Crasto dates back to ancient times – the name ‘Crasto’ is derived from the Latin word ’castrum‘, which means ‘Roman fort’.

In the early 1900s Quinta do Crasto was purchased by Constantino de Almeida, the founder of the famous Constantino Port house. In 1981, Fernando de Almeida’s daughter, Leonor Roquette and her husband Jorge Roquette assumed majority ownership and management of the estate. With the help of their sons they began the process of remodeling and expanding the vineyards and facilities to start with the production of top quality Douro wines, along with Port. It has been in the family ever since, nowadays with the 4th generation ahead – lively brothers Tomás and Miguel Roquette in charge.

Apart from the unbelievably impressive quality of their bottlings, a get-together with Tomás and Miguel or with their father Jorge is always characterised by great hospitality and joie de vivre. This sort of vitality is exactly that expressed by the wines themselves who have been under Manuel Lobo brilliant Winemaking for more than a decade.

Quinta do Crasto has now reclaimed its rightful status as one of the great family estates of the Douro region. Tradition and respect for experience and knowledge is always aligned with a modern vision and pioneer spirit.

This has been a grand adventure marked by great success but also by a fierce dedication to constantly aim higher, persevere and excel. Our journey continues and there are many more adventures to come.

Wines Samples:

2019 Douro Superior White, Quinta do Crasto

2017 Syrah Crasto Superior Vinho Regional Duriense, Quinta do Crasto

2017 Douro Old Vines Reserva, Quinta do Crasto

2016 Touriga Franca, Quinta do Crasto

2016 Touriga Nacional, Quinta do Crasto

2017 Vintage Port, Quinta do Crasto

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