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Quinta de la Rosa

In 1988 Sophia Bergqvist started producing port from her family vineyard, Quinta de la Rosa.  She was soon one of the first Douro producers to start making wine from port grapes.  Jasper Morris saw the potential of La Rosa early on and he represented the wines for many years.  Now an award winning estate, the wines and ports are sold globally in top quality restaurants and retailers.

The Bergqvist family have been involved in the port trade in some form or another since 1815.  The vineyard, Quinta de la Rosa, was given to Sophia’s grandmother, Claire, as a christening present in 1906.  Through this tasting, she will show the incredible diversity the Douro has to offer and the particular La Rosa style – freshness, minerality and elegance.

Wines Samples:

2019 Quinta de la Rosa Branco
2019 Quinta De La Rosa Reserve Branco
2018 Quinta De La Rosa Tinto
2017 Quinta de La Rosa Reserva Tinto
Quinta De La Rosa 10 Year Old Tawny Port
2005 Quinta de la Rosa Vintage Port


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