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PerUs Wine with 100 point winemaker Russell Bevan


PerUs is a collective of like-minded individuals who share the belief that life is to be measured not by possessions, but rather by the friends, family and memories that we cherish. This philosophy defines who they are as a company and inspires them to share this vision through their wines.

Russell Bevan is a world renowned 100 point winemaker who produces bold yet elegant wines from top vineyards throughout the valley. He has been making wine since 2005 and since then has the longest streak of 100 point wines ever made since he was the only winemaker to receive 100 points during the 2011 vintage. He continues his genius with the PerUs wines!

Wine Samples:

2016 PerUs Janeen
2016 PerUs Armaan
2017 PerUs Bryn
2017 PerUs Kyla
2018 PerUs Lyla
2018 PerUs Ines

Delivered to the UK £155

Delivered to the EU £165

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