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Loire Valley wines have been served and enjoyed across the world for a very long time. Some appellations were perhaps more trendy back in the 70’s and 80’s and it is now time to rediscover these under-stated AOPs.

Edouard has selected 6 wines, each of them giving a true sense of place and are made in the different parts of the Loire. He believes that it’ll help to develop our understanding on how much impact the soils and climates have on wine production and styles. There are more and more talented vignerons crafting great wines in the Loire, so this selection will cover all classic appellations with a refined and modern point of view.

Wine Samples:

2018 Muscadet Domaine de Bellevue, Gaia
2016 Coulée de Serrant Clos de la Coulée de Serrant
2017 Vouvray Sec Clos de la Meslerie
2016 Cheverny Rouge Domaine de Veilloux, Les Veilleurs
2015 Anjou Clos de l’Elu, l’Aiglerie
2017 Sancerre Blanc Gerard Boulay, Comtesse

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