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Historic Sweet Wine Styles of the Hellenic World

For those with a sweet tooth and an interest in history, the quest continues with an insight into some truly excellent and historically significant sweet wines of Greece and Cyprus.

astern Mediterranean Odyssey with Demetri Walters MW

Once traded all around the Mediterranean and into northern Europe, where they graced the courts of Kings and the well-to-do, these classic wines subsequently fell victim to the sands of time and ended up in various backwaters, only to be revived in recent decades. Their stories are compellingly ancient and inextricably linked with momentous events in the history of wine and, indeed, Europe and beyond.

Join Demetri Walters MW, as he takes us on a tour of the historic sweet wine styles of the Hellenic world – an ancient delight for the senses.

Wine Samples:

2012 Monemvasia, Malvasia, Laconia, Greece 50cl
2006 Kyperounda, Commandaria, Pitsilia Mtns, Cyprus 50cl
2004 Vinsanto, Hatzidakis, Santorini, Greece 37.5cl
2004 Parparoussis, Mavrodaphne, Greece 50cl
2012 ‘Nectar’ Muscat, Samos, Greece 50cl
2016 Ayia Mavri, Mosxatos, Kilani, Krasochoria, Cyprus 50cl

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Delivered to EU £105

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