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The Tradition and Rationale of Field Blends


The notion of different vine varieties all planted together in the same vineyard and then harvested and fermented together is as old the hills and was once common practice, mainly as a form of guaranteeing a good crop of grapes. However it has lost considerable ground over the years as it severely limits viticultural and winemaking options. Consequently many field blends today are made from old vines and can produce wonderful wines.

astern Mediterranean Odyssey with Demetri Walters MW

Despite a rich tradition, field blending possesses all sorts of challenges ranging from harvest date through to handling needs and fermentation choices. Those in favour swear by the compatibility and complimentary nature of the varying grapes and what they bring to the balance of the wine. When all is said and done, why not taste for yourself?

Wine Samples:

2017 Emiliana Coyam, Colchagua Valley
2014 Ridge Vineyards, Lytton Springs, Sonoma County
2017 Quinta do Vallado, Reserva Field Blend
2016 Sadie Family Wines, Skerpioen, Die Ouwingerdreeks Swartland
2018 Wieninger, `Nussberg` Wiener Gemischter Satz
2016 Domaine Marcel Deiss Engelgarten, Alsace

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