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Eben Sadie: The Swartland Revolution

15 years ago, if you’d mentioned South African wine, even pretty well informed enthusiasts would probably only have been able to name Stellenbosch. Since that time, other regions have fallen into our imaginations, particularly the arid Swartland.

Whilst there are now a whole string of well known players producing fascinating wines, it must be conceded that Eben Sadie and his family spearheaded this Swartland movement, appearing on the scene and producing wine after wine that challenged our preconceptions of South Africa. Always experimenting, seeking to work with nature and to grow the most appropriate vines for his environment, Eben continues to seek out remote vineyards, formerly fallen into obscurity, and frequently planted to very old vines, often as field blends.

Like the man himself, his wines make one slow down, take stock and pay attention. They reflect his ready charm, soulfulness and intensity of character, forming a very compelling winemaking story for our times. I very much look forward to interviewing Eben.

Wine Samples:

  1. 2019 Soldaat
  2. 2017 Pofadder
  3. 2019 Treinspoor
  4. 2018 Columella
  5. 2015 Skurfberg
  6. 2018 Palladius

Delivered to the UK – £85

Delivered to the rest of Europe – £105

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