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Christmas Charcuterie & Wine Pairing with Cobble Lane Cured

Some things just belong together particularly at Christmas! Enjoy one of life’s perfect pairings with this Wine & Charcuterie Tasting with Cobble Lane Cured hosted by Matt Hill, Sean Cannon & 67 Sommelier Federico Moccia.

Cobble Lane Cured are a specialist butchery in Islington, London, who cut, cure, smoke and hang meats supplied by a small selection of high-quality British producers and farmers.

Fennel & garlic salami

Sliced Fennel and Garlic Salami, Our take on a classic Italian finocchiona, has a fresh and clean fennel fragrance rounded out with a little red wine and garlic.

N1 Soppressata 

Sliced N1 Soppressata. Coarsely minced pork salami flavoured with a selection of sweet medium-heat chillis and Hungarian Paprika.

Saucisson with whole peppercorns 

Islington’s finest Saucisson, coarsely minced lean and fatty pork, flavoured with a subtle amount of spices and matured for extra long to develop a intense deep traditional saucisson flavour. Previous winner of best UK salami.


Sliced Bresaola cured with herbs, balsamic vinegar and red wine, which give a refreshing tang. It is a great way to experience British beef.


Sliced Coppa. This cured marbled pork collar is  a great showcase for flavoursome, well raised British pork. Matured for 2-3 months, this cut develops a rich flavour.


Sliced Lomo. A simple air dried ham – using the eye of the pork loin, flavoured with garlic and Hungarian paprika.


Wines to follow:

2016 Pinot Blanc Réserve Trocken Maximin Grünhaus, Carl Von Schubert

2016 Graves, Clos Floridene, Denis Dubourdieu

2018 Pinot Nero, Gian Luca Colombo

2014 Shiraz, Paringa Estate

2015 Chinon, Cuvée A L’Ancienne, Domaine Fabrice Gasnier

2015 Buro, Vendimia Seleccionada, Bodegas Pascual

Delivered to addresses in the UK: £75

Delivered to addresses in Europe: £95

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