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Château Phélan Ségur – Star of St Estèphe

Saint Estèphe is one of the most exciting places in the Médoc right now and Château Phélan Ségur is one of its stars. Jane Anson writes in her highly acclaimed book Inside Bordeaux « Ch Phélan Ségur is a definite star in the appellation , a former Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel, and in my mind would make it into a new version of the 1855 classification if one ever came round ».  The estate is 120 hectares, including 50ha of forests and meadows and 70 hectares of vineyards. The vineyards  are  well-situated near the Gironde estuary, lying on well-drained gravel soils, bordered by those of Château Montrose and Château Calon-Ségur. Renown, like all great estates, for its consistency, Phélan Ségur has always had a strong following amongst serious wine lovers. The estate was bought in 2018 by Philippe Van de Vyvere from the Gardinier Brothers of Taillevent fame with Veronique Dausse staying in place along with cellar master Fabrice Bacquey and vineyard manager Luc Peyronnet.  The grand vin is normally  a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, with Merlot, and a touch of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. A tasting no Bordeaux lover will want to miss.

Wines to be sampled:

Château Phélan Ségur 2016

Château Phélan Ségur 2014

Château Phélan Ségur 2010

Château Phélan Ségur 2005

Château Phélan Ségur 2003

Château Phélan Ségur 1990


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