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Blandy’s Madeira Wine Company

What goes into a wine that can age for centuries? Join Chris Blandy of Blandy’s Madeira to discover more about the island of Madeira and its incredible wines.

The tasting focuses on Vintage Madeira, and will include a run through of the islands key grape varietals and styles (from dry to rich), culminating in the venerable 1957 Vintage Bual. The Portuguese island of Madeira is situated in the Atlantic ocean, 520km west of Morocco. This extinct volcano has some of the steepest vineyards in the world and as a result is one of the most isolated and challenging places to produce wine.

Madeira wines are famed for their ability to age. This is predominantly down to the unique ageing the wine receives (discovered by accident in the 16th Century). In fact there are vintage wines on the island dating back to the late 1700s. Blandy‘s Madeira was founded in 1811 and today is the world’s leading (and most awarded) Madeira wine producer.

Of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade, Blandy’s is the only producer which still owns and manages its own company. Chris Blandy is the 7th Generation of the family to produce Madeira.

Wine Samples:

2002 Blandy’s Sercial Colheita
2008 Blandy’s Verdelho Colheita
2003 Blandy’s Bual Colheita
2004 Blandy’s Malmsey Colheita
1977 Blandy’s Terrantez Vintage
1957 Blandy’s Bual Vintage

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Delivered to EU £120

We’re so sorry there are no more wine sample kits available for this virtual event.

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